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September 5, 2006

Today, we officially released GlimmerMail on all of our Partner Sites. One month of solid beta testing and here we are! We had an EXCELLENT set of Beta testers who were able to identify a lot of issues, all of which were resolved. We feel confident in saying that not only is the latest release of GlimmerMail much more feature rich than version 1.03, but we've managed to provide you with a much more stable application than any previous version.

Due to the major changes in this version, you will be required to uninstall previous versions before installing this one. Even if you took part in the Beta effort, it is Highly recommended that you start fresh with the publically released version.

As always, we are very interested in getting YOUR feedback. What do you like about GlimmerMail? What DON'T you like about GlimmerMail? What new features would you like to see in future releases? Keep the emails coming!



August 1, 2006

We are excited to announce that we are readying our Beta release of GlimmerMail 1.05. There are many new features, some of which include:

  • Configure GlimmerMail as your default Mail Client
  • Support for an unlimited amount of Hotmail/MSN accounts (Add/Remove/Rename accounts locally).
  • Add/Rename/Delete folders locally AND on the server.
  • Move messages from one folder to another locally AND on the server.
  • Read messages while you are downloading them. The download process no longer blocks you from using GlimmerMail.
  • Increased messages-per-folder limit from 100 to 500
  • Color selection for each email account: Now you can set the look and feel for each account.
  • Simplified User Interface: New icons allow you to do what you want a lot easier
  • Smart Icons: In message view, if you can't perform the operation you won't see an icon or menu item there.
  • Deleting messages on the server is now queued until the next time you get messages.
  • Quicker Downloads: Some users (Carrier Dependent) may benefit from improved speed when getting new messages.

Let us know if you are interested in taking part in the BETA. Keep in mind, though, that we are looking for people who have the time and dedication required to put GlimmerMail "To The Test"!!


March 19, 2006

I am starting to collect enhancement requests. Please send all requests to I have already received requests for the following enhancements:

  • Attachment support
  • Check/download emails at regular intervals
  • Set GlimmerMail as default mail application
  • Mark message read on delete
  • Add multiple Hotmail/MSN account support
  • Queue delete message on server requests for next "Get" instead of doing so immediately

Even if your request is listed above, please send in your request because it will help me to prioritize the feature list.


February 26, 2006

GlimmerMail 1.02 was officially released. Initial release features include:

  • Fifteen day free trial
  • No subscription costs required
  • Download and View Text and HTML messages directly from your Hotmail or MSN account
  • Access your Hotmail/MSN folders
  • Delete messages locally and/or on the server
  • Customize message download options
  • Minimize Bandwidth usage by only downloading headers. Later you can select specific messages and download their message bodies
  • Message download filters (get new messages, get messages smaller than x kilobytes, and more)
  • Setup message read status priority so that each time you check for new messages, the read status will be synchronized with priority on the server or the Treo
  • Full 5-way navigation support
  • Send new messages directly through your Hotmail/MSN account
  • Reply to and Forward existing messages
  • Direct access to your Treo contact list when sending messages
  • Message icons that show each messages status (Is the message downloaded or only the message header? Is there an attachment?)
  • Select from two different sized fonts to view messages and message headers
  • Keyboard shortcut keys
  • Context-sensitive online help
© Copyright 2006 Lokitz Software, LLC